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MG Ellington

beta reading and critique

How do you choose the people that will be beta reading/critiquing for you?

I recently sent a story out to several people that I thought would work well in this capacity. When I got the responses back, I knew a few new things. First, I circulated the story to too many people. Call this a newbie mistake. I think I was just happy to have a finished project. Second, I wasted the time of a couple of folks that really should be writing their own stuff. They are leagues ahead of me in terms of experience and talent. I did appreciate their kind consideration though. Third, I identified a great proofreader/line editor. Fourth, I figured out who will always just say that it is great or fine no matter what. Now I need to narrow it down a bit for the next round.

What do you do with the feedback?

I have the story shelved at the moment. I also have all of the input I received from others with it. I did make all of the line edit corrects before stowing it. I will review thei feedback and then look at the story with new eyes in a couple of weeks.

What do you do when you are the beta reader/critiquer?

I am still new at this. I am learning what to leave alone as it is the style of the writer and what to comment/suggest corrections for.

What about you guys?
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