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Wrting Question

I have a writing question that may seem a little self explanatory, but I want to double check my knowledge before making a fool of myself on the web. I am a little unclear about the what constitutes a work of fantasy. I know that all stories are not fantasy stories. I know there is fiction, nonfiction, and many other types, but I am just wondering what actually is considered fantasy? Would stories about Greek gods, vampires, and other magical creatures be considered fantasy? Also how is fantasy different from Science fiction? That one is a little harder to define for me. Any help would be appreciated. I love to write, but I never really set down to consider which category my writing fell into until I joined live journal. There are different communities for different types of writing. I do not want to place a story that is considered a fiction story under the community that wants only fantasy stories. I hope that this is not the dumbest question ever posted on Live Journal, but I am really curious to know. Thank you for your help.
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