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Ideas on getting past a block?

Good morning :)

I would like to write fanfic for the KF:TLC fandom; the man who played Paul Blaisdell is a favorite of mine. I often write for his character Control in the Equalizer fandom, and so forth.

I was privileged to know the best fanfic writer in the fandom as a good friend. She passed away in 2004. My problem is, usually every time I consider writing in this series, in some way I compare it with hers, and/or think of her, and my mind blanks out.

Once or twice, I've been able to help with/coauthor a story with a third friend, but that's about it. I know a writer is not supposed to compare, but it happens anyway.

I need to work on finishing and posting stories anyway. The list I would be posting to is really quiet right now, and if I could get through this block, at least it would be something!

Any suggestions, ideas? I'd appreciate them. Eventually I'd like to write and post some completely original stories, but am not there yet.

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