Arin Wolfe (arinwolfe) wrote in discuss_writing,
Arin Wolfe

Style question: Adverbs vs. Dramatic Verbs

Apologies if my typing/ grammar isn't the best, I'm dead tired.

Conventional wisdom says that using too many adverbs leads to clumsy wording on a sentence level. However, I also find that using verbs that are too dramatic in their stead leads to absurd sounding writing. 

So, fellow writers, which is more problematic for you in what you read-- Overuse of adverbs, or overdramatic verbs?
What about in what you write?

I go back and forth and could make either case; it's something I'm struggling a bit with in my own work. However, in my own work I find I tend to use verbs that are too strong. (I spent too much time in courses that drilled the "use fewer adverbs" mantra)

(Of course, it goes without saying that there is no hard and fast rule)

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