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Style question: Adverbs vs. Dramatic Verbs

Apologies if my typing/ grammar isn't the best, I'm dead tired.

Conventional wisdom says that using too many adverbs leads to clumsy wording on a sentence level. However, I also find that using verbs that are too dramatic in their stead leads to absurd sounding writing. 

So, fellow writers, which is more problematic for you in what you read-- Overuse of adverbs, or overdramatic verbs?
What about in what you write?

I go back and forth and could make either case; it's something I'm struggling a bit with in my own work. However, in my own work I find I tend to use verbs that are too strong. (I spent too much time in courses that drilled the "use fewer adverbs" mantra)

(Of course, it goes without saying that there is no hard and fast rule)

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To all writers, poets, parents, and people who are over ten years of age:

Nina Pelletier, a friend from G+, and I are starting a new project, and we want your help! Every day, Nina posts a writing prompt for interested people, and today's was particularly evocative.

What would you write if you could write a letter to your ten-year-old self? What encouragements would you give? What would you warn against doing? What nostalgia would you feel?

What are You Doing? Accepting Submissions for a free e-Chapbook

What are You Looking For? 300 word or less letters to your ten year old self. Or stories about people writing a letter to their ten year old self. Or stories in reaction to the letters that others have written to their ten year old selves. Also, we're looking for art that can be used for breaking up pages, or being related to the subject.

When do You Want It? Ideally, as soon as possible. However, we will accept submissions till September 23rd.

How do We Do It? Go here: and put in your information. Nina and I will circle you, and update you regularly with information on how, specifically, to submit. Since some people will choose to write stories about other people's letters, we'll be sharing a select group of said letters with the entire group.

What Will You Do With It? When submissions are complete, Nina and I will edit everything. We'll collate everything together into a nice PDF, with a nice cover, and put it up on the internets somewhere for free. People will be encouraged to make a donation, and the money that THEY donate will be donated to a literacy advocacy group. We're taking suggestions on what that group should be.

What if I Have More Questions? Reply to this post, or email us under our profiles! Or email us directly: drewishdrewid AT gmail DOT com and/or ninapowers155 AT gmail DOT com

Let's get started! This could be another really cool collaborative effort!

Looking forward to seeing what you all have to offer:

Nina and Drew

Pricing and the 99-Cent E-Book Debate

Not sure if we like to cover what to do after you're done writing, but just in case...

I just finished a three-part column on pricing your art which starts with the 99-cent e-book debate and segues into strategies for pricing your art no matter what art form you practice. It's got case studies, examples of premium products and lots and lots of cartoon jaguars illustrating business principles. You can check it out on livejournal here:

Part 1: Competition and Identifying Product Value
Part 2: Market Awareness, Precedence and Gating
Part 3: Practical Applications

Or you can browse the Blogspot archive of all the topics I've covered, everything from time management to day jobs to metrics. :)
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Ideas on getting past a block?

Good morning :)

I would like to write fanfic for the KF:TLC fandom; the man who played Paul Blaisdell is a favorite of mine. I often write for his character Control in the Equalizer fandom, and so forth.

I was privileged to know the best fanfic writer in the fandom as a good friend. She passed away in 2004. My problem is, usually every time I consider writing in this series, in some way I compare it with hers, and/or think of her, and my mind blanks out.

Once or twice, I've been able to help with/coauthor a story with a third friend, but that's about it. I know a writer is not supposed to compare, but it happens anyway.

I need to work on finishing and posting stories anyway. The list I would be posting to is really quiet right now, and if I could get through this block, at least it would be something!

Any suggestions, ideas? I'd appreciate them. Eventually I'd like to write and post some completely original stories, but am not there yet.

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Wrting Question

I have a writing question that may seem a little self explanatory, but I want to double check my knowledge before making a fool of myself on the web. I am a little unclear about the what constitutes a work of fantasy. I know that all stories are not fantasy stories. I know there is fiction, nonfiction, and many other types, but I am just wondering what actually is considered fantasy? Would stories about Greek gods, vampires, and other magical creatures be considered fantasy? Also how is fantasy different from Science fiction? That one is a little harder to define for me. Any help would be appreciated. I love to write, but I never really set down to consider which category my writing fell into until I joined live journal. There are different communities for different types of writing. I do not want to place a story that is considered a fiction story under the community that wants only fantasy stories. I hope that this is not the dumbest question ever posted on Live Journal, but I am really curious to know. Thank you for your help.
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Community Pimp

Teen Novelists is a writing-based community for all of those aspiring authors who dream to, one day, have their hardbacks splayed across shelves. Our goal here is to provide a hassle-free, fun society to share stories, ideas, and exchange comments, critique, and criticism.

If you're interested, come join!

P.S. Mods, if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete!

Looking for writing friends

Name: Becky
Pen name: Rebekah
Age: 27
Location: Lorain, Ohio
Writes about: Horror fiction: Occult, ghosts, witches, Tarot, Vampires and the number 13. . . and a little romance, but it's mostly realistic or dark romance a blog: I posted about books for those who have writer's block.

I am looking for more friend who enjoy writing and are encouraging, because it is easy to get distracted and writing isn't always easy.


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I'm looking for girls/women who want to write for a new Journal

Hey all,

So, I've started a journal.

The Girly Journal for Girls (Couldn't think of a better, and now I'm looking for girly girls, or girly women, who are interested in writing articles for the journal.

It will be on a strictly volunteer basis (unless it becomes so popular that people actually wanna advertise in it, which would then mean we might be able to get paid, lol)

What I want are:

- People who are interested in writing reviews, whether it be TV shows, movies, music, book or whatever.

- People who want to write essays discussing topics they find interesting, and it can be pretty much anything.

- People who can come up with great ideas for other things we can have on the journal.

The possibilities are endless.

So if you, or a friend of yours, is interested in doing a little writing, please contact me at

line @ and let me know what you are interested in doing. :-)

I hope to hear from some of you! And please feel free to spread the word about this journal.

This is the address for it: