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discuss_writing's Journal

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the writers discussion group
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I have started this communtity as a place where the tips and techniques of writing can be discussed.

This is intended as a place where technical issues are meant to be reviewed - not a place to post your works for critiques. You might want to check out the1st100words for some useful critiques. There are already a number of fine communties which are meant for feedback.

If you are having a problem with a particular piece of your writing, please post a link to it and ask if there is anyone who might like to lend a hand.

Here you can post useful information - grammatical info, words you love to use and their meanings, tips you might have used to improve your own writing, inspirational passages.


- Have found a way of overcoming a writing block?
- Tips on self-editing your own work.
- Have you never understood the difference between its and it's?
- there a writers group / new community everyone should see that is RELATED TO WRITING?
- Have you just read a great book and want to share it?

post it all here. And do please try and keep it centered around writing. :D


for long posts please use the LJ Cut tag:
If you are not certain how to use it then please have a look under the LJ FAQ, under: What are the LJ-specific tags?

If you have any particular questions/comments about what you would like to see on this site, please drop a note in my personal LJ. zero_gravity.

I have also founded other communities onehundredwords and the above mentioned the1st100words, micro_fiction and sfandf_writers for those who write SF/H/F.

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